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In addition to the construction and planning of elevators, the company ATB also supports projects in the fields of sport, humanitarian help, culture and innovation. Some of the various projects are outlined below:

ALBA Berlin - youth

The "ALBA youth partner" is designed for companies that want to support individual youth coaches. "The trainers are the focus of our program. The principle of our youth work is based on having good motivated youth coaches from the city to whom children can look up to and who like working with them. That is not always something that can be taken for granted," says club vice president Henning Harnisch. "Every youth partner assumes a sponsorship role for one of our youth coaches and specifically ensures that they are offered a career opportunity."

Sparta Lichtenberg

The club assumes an exemplary function in the Lichtenberg district and throughout Berlin with its large children and teenager department, numerous types of sport and the men's first football team. The many qualified coaches and their assistants want to plan yet another successful season in line with the motto "Say no to drugs – sport not violence". One should never underestimate what it is that clubs do and mean for society. Young empathetic athletes as advertising mediums are just the right thing here. In particular, young people have an opportunity to spend their free time meaningfully. This is a matter that lies close to ATB's heart and we are happy to provide generous support here.

Salvate canes e.V.

There are many stray dogs in Rumania that reproduce uncontrollably. From time to time they are rounded up and killed cruelly (beaten, shot, poisoned or hung). Animal welfare is still in its infancy, however there are many organisations that are trying to help these poor animals. We provide funding and materials to the animal welfare organisation "Robi" in Bukarest. The dogs are brought to rescue stations where they are fed until loving people can adopt them. Stray dogs are some of the best socialised animals. They are used to getting on with their own breed and different people. They are flexible, adaptable and are usually mentally and physically robust having being subjected to a process of natural selection. There are a wide variety of types among these stray dogs. There are small and large, young and old, thick and thin, and calm or boisterous dogs. And although they are often mongrels, or perhaps because of this, they have a wide array of characters and temperaments.

Judo team Lok Zernsdorf 1967 e.V.

Since it was founded in 2007, we have equipped the Lok Zernsdorf judo team with basic equipment such as judo mats for training and competitions. We wish all athletes success!

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Doctors without Frontiers

For many decades the Doctors without Frontiers have provided independent medical help in crisis and war zones or areas suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters. We also play a role in ensuring that this help organisation can work unbureaucratically and efficiently; every donation helps people who would otherwise have no other opportunity.

Musikakademie Rheinsberg

Supporting the art and music-based work by the Music Academy is also a matter of importance for ATB. We applaud the commitment of the Rheinsberg employees who contribute to training music lovers.

Project "LeseLust" by the Berliner Bürgerstiftung

Around 250 voluntary reading mentors regularly visit Berlin schools and kindergartens taking the time to introduce and enthuse children for books. The reading mentors are able to do what many parents and teachers have not got time for on a day-to-day basis - something the children would otherwise miss out on. ATB believes that reading helps children to cope better with life in general and is very happy to support this project.

1. Herren

Concordia Wilhelmsruh

A short while after the Kolonie Wilhelmsruh was founded on 28th August 1893, an idea was put forward to form a club inspired by the general football fever. In 1895, not only was the Edelweißstraße plastered, but a football club was also formed, even although Wilhelmsruh only had a few hundred residents at this time. It was originally called Concordia 95, a name that was later changed to BFC Concordia in 1895 and then SG Concordia Wilhelmsruh. By the way, Concordia is the name of the Roman goddess of harmony. Due to its regional roots, ATB supports the youth work of the club and sponsors equipment for the club and also provides support for its social work.


Haus am Seenkreuz

This firmaris facility, a social service program for young people and families, supervises children and teenagers suffering from mental and development problems. Girls and boys enjoy round-the-clock support at the Haus am Seenkreuz. ATB has played a role in ensuring their well-being by offering financial support for the construction of a new patio.

Eisbären Berlin - Supporter Club

The Eisbären Berlin fan club, of which ATB is a member, has played an important role in the commercial success of the Eisbären Berlin in recent years thanks to a network of more than 2000 corporate partners. A promising basis for the continued sporting success was laid by the commitment of the many partners. ATB is particularly pleased about the steady development of young players for this, the fastest team sport in the world.